4-H Club Meeting Tools

Listed below are publications offered through the Robertson County Extension Service.

Club Meeting Resources

4-H Club Meeting Outline

Use this outline for conducting your 4-H club meeting. This information is also available in the Officer Manual.

Officer Training Manual​

Use this handbook as a guide to prepare for 4-H club officer positions. A program meeting outline is included.

Robertson County 4-H Handbook

Use the 4-H Handbook to learn about 4-H programs, rules and guidelines on meeting activities, and for additional information about opportunities for participation. There is a checklist to turn in for more information at the back.

4-H Service Leader Project Information

Use this handout to find additional ideas for service projects for your club. Names and phone numbers for contacts in the community are also included.

4-H Recreation Leader Ideas

Recreation Leaders in the 6th grade and up may use this publication for ideas to lead a recreation activity (or song) in their club meeting. Plan on about 5 – 7 minutes.

More 4-H Songs

Check out this link to find more song choices for your club meetings. Although these are camp songs, many of them will be great for your club!

Steps in Giving a Demonstration

Use this handout along with rules and guidelines in the 4-H handbook to plan your demonstration.

Steps to a Winning Tabletop Exhibit

Sharing your 4-H project with others is an important step in completing your project. Use this helpful publication for tips in developing any type of tabletop exhibit.

Tips for Public Speaking

Use this handout for tips on writing and delivering a speech.

​Contact Information

Timmy Mann
Extension Agent III
(615) 384-7936

Sam Teets
Extension Agent I
(615) 384-7936

Link to TIPPS

Completing the Project Folder

One of the 100% member requirements is completing the project (5th grade and up).  Members should start with the the Project Record Worksheet​” and decide on 2-3 goals you want to achieve in the project and record on the front – when you turn in the folder/envelope, complete story on the back of the page.  Many activities will relate to the project and each will help the 4-H member improve their knowledge and skills, for example, a photography project may include taking photos at a birthday party, and an animal project should include daily care of the animal.  Record these various activities on the project worksheet- some with expense/income, but most without any financial component.  Sixth grade and up may want to go a step further, and complete a 4-H project portfolio.  For project resources, including ideas for goals (outcomes), project activity pages, links to additional resources, visit the 4-H Projects webpage.

Find instructions for creating a website-based portfolio on the Tennessee 4-H webpage – “Programs” and profiile forms on the “Forms” page.  Mr. Mann or Ms. Finley will be glad to work with you on the portfolio.  Competition at the regional and state level is in the spring.  Junior High portfolios are due in March and Senior High portfolios are due January for Citizenship and Leadership, and May for all the other projects.