Food Preservation

Home food preservation is on the rise as people grow, hunt and catch more of their foods to be more self sufficient and/or to control the content of their foods. Many people have special dietary restrictions or just don’t want the preservatives or other additives that can be in commercially prepared products.

Whether food preservation is a fun hobby or a way of providing food for your family, the procedures followed are extremely important in the safety of your preserved foods. Staying updated on the ever-changing research-based processes is critical if you are preserving foods at home.

Pressure Canner Gauge Testing

The dial type gauges on pressure canners need to be tested annually for their accuracy as well as new gauges that are purchased. This is done at the Extension Office free of charge and only takes a few minutes. All you need to bring is the lid to your canner with the gauge (or just the gauge if you have a new one). Call the Robertson County Extension Office at 615-384-7936 to make an appointment with Lauren Patterson, County Director, to get your gauge tested before canning for the season.

Extension Explores is a monthly program combining internet-based learning using the zoom platform, how to videos, quick tips and recipes using preserved food. Check out all of the Food Preservation Resources on the Extension Explores Webpage here. Live sessions will be offered on the third Friday of the month at 10 a.m. beginning in May on Zoom.  To register for the monthly classes, go to  This link will register participants for all sessions and send a verification email including the link for the zoom sessions. Registered individuals will receive reminders and resources that accompany each session.

Other Resources

Periodically other food preservation workshops and programs are offered to the public. Check back to our website here for announcements or follow our facebook page for program announcements.

Publications on canning and freezing foods are available on-line below or printed copies are available at the Extension Office.

Below are other resource links such as the Produce Information Pages with preserving links at the bottom of each page. The Extension Explores page has lots of links and information on preserving seasonal produce items. The National Center for Home Food Preservation has an extensive amount of research based information with recipes and processes for canning, freezing and drying.

If you have questions about canning, call the Extension Office for assistance 615-384-7936.