4-H Judging Teams

What’s a judging team? Three or four 4-H members come together to make a
team. Members might be ranking animals or products as to quality, identifying items, and making
decisions as individuals.

The scores of each member are then compiled together as a team score.
Coaches will provide training and practice sessions to help you learn about the contest and how
you will judge in the event. Grade requirements vary from contest to contest.

  • Judging Animals: Livestock, Dairy, Poultry, and Horse are the options. Members are asked to place animals 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
  • Wildlife judging: Members will learn the food, cover, shelter, and other needs
    of different kinds of wildlife.
  • Land Judging: Members will determine soil class, water holding capacity, slope, crop yields,
    and home site suitability.
  • Forestry: Everything you need to know about trees begins here ‐ join Mr. Timmy
    in building a Robertson County 4‐H Forestry Judging Team.
  • Consumer Decision Making Judging: Everyone is a shopper and this event works well with
    every 4‐H project. Study materials are available online on the county website. This judging
    team has competitions for both junior high and senior high. The contest will be in September.
  • Outdoor Cookery: Grilling is a popular way to prepare meat and poultry. Learn how to
    compete by learning best grilling techniques. Local contest at the County Fair.
  • Meats: Where does a rib eye steak come from? Learn to identify wholesale and
    retail cuts of beef, pork and lamb, and also the best cooking methods for each cut.
  • Dairy Products: 4‐H members in the 7th‐12th grade are eligible. Evaluate milk,
    cheese, ice cream and distinguish real from artificial dairy products.