4-H Baking Contest

The last club meeting of the school year includes the 4-H Baking Activity. Each grade has a specific category. Participate by bringing three pieces from the same batch, for example, three muffins, three cupcakes, etc. One exception: In the 7th grade category, bring one-half loaf of quick bread.

4th Grade:  Cornbread – any shape, three individual servings

5th Grade:  Sweet Flour Muffins – three of the same flavor, ex. Blueberry,   Chocolate, Bran, Pecan, Banana, Poppy Seed, etc.

6th Grade:  Dropped or Rolled Cookies – three of the same kind

7th Grade: Quick Loaf – one-half loaf, not sliced, ex. Banana Nut, Zucchini, Pumpkin, Cranberry, etc.

8th Grade: Cupcakes – three of the same kind

9th – 12th Grade: Yeast Bread – three slices or three rolls, any kind of bread that includes yeast as an ingredient.

Additional Resources: Safety in the Kitchen and Recipe Ideas.

More categories for entries will be offered in the 4-H Department at the Robertson County Fair.

Smart Chefs Cooking Class
Smart Chefs Cooking Class