4-H Animal Science

Listed below are publications offered through the Robertson County Extension Service.

Contact: Timmy Mann or Sam Teets

4-H Horse Enrollment Form

Horse Enrollment Form Due March 1st.

Any 4-H member who planning to show in a 4-H Horse Show, is required to “enroll” your horse(s). Up to three horses may be entered on one form.

4-H Poultry Application

4-H Poultry Application Due March 3rd.

4-H Poultry Record Book

4-H Poultry Record Book

Growing Blue Ribbon Pullets PB915

Growing Blue Ribbon Pullets is an useful booklet for those participating in the Special 4-H Poultry Project.

Clarksville Steer Record Book

Complete and turn in the Clarksville Steer Record Book at the Clarksville Steer Show. Awards for record book will be presented at Steer Show Banquet (Carcass Show).