FCS – Nutrition and Food Safety

Food Preservation

Canning, Freezing and Drying of Food information calls are answered during the year by FCS Agents and Nutrition Program Assistant. Pressure Canner testing is done during the canning season. Canners with dial gauges should be tested prior to use each season. Call for an appointment.

For information on how to can, freeze, pickle, ferment, make jams and jellies, dry and cure, visit the National Center for Home Food Preservation

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Dining with Diabetes

Dining with Diabetes Logo

The Robertson County Extension office offers Dining with Diabetes classes that will help you gain cooking skills and tools needed to follow a diet plan for diabetes. Dining with Diabetes is a hands-on learning program designed for people with diabetes or those at risk for diabetes. All family members will benefit from the healthy eating information taught in this program. This is usually offered in three sessions with a small fee to cover the cost of groceries. This series can also be tailored to workplaces and other sites.

SNAP-Ed- Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education

SNAP-Ed- Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program is an educational program designed for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as food stamps) participants and those eligible for participation.  Programs are conducted by Robertson County in After School Programs, for Commodity Distribution, Senior Centers churches and other appropriate sites in Robertson County. 

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program provides nutrition assistance to people with low income.  It can help you buy nutritious foods for a better diet.  To find out more information contact Elizabeth Graves, UT SNAP-Ed Program Assistant, 615-384-7936 or e-mail eliggrav@utk.edu

“El Programa de Cupones para Alimentos ofrece asistencia relacionada a la nutricion para gente con banjos ingresos.  Le puede ayudar a comparar comida nutritiva para una mejor dieta. Para obtener mas informacion, comunique con la oficina de services sociales de su condado.”

Nutrition Basics

Nutrition Basics and information are available as a presentation for groups or classes. This includes “Lunch and Learns” and other presentations regarding nutrition, cooking skills, food safety and food resource management.

Nutrition Presentations on various topics for groups. Previous presentations include “Healthy Holidays” and “Heart Health” for workplaces, “Quick Meals” for parent groups and “Choosing Healthy Meals as You Get Older” for senior adults. Contact me to schedule.

Food Safety

Call when you have questions about is food safe to eat, storage issues, what do do if my electricity is off for a long period of time and other related food safety issues.  **What do I do if the power is out for a while? How long will food keep in the freezer? **

Here are some links to help: 

Food Budget

Questions related to making good food choices on a budget and getting the most nutritious foods for less.

Contact Information

Lauren Patterson
Registered Dietitian/FCS Agent
Phone: 615-384-7936
Email: lpatte20@utk.edu