Family and Human Development

Girl Talk

Girl Talk has been developed to bring mothers and daughters together in a non-threatening, friendly environment to learn together about sexuality, communication, family values, and decision making. The curriculum presents factual information about sexuality, body changes, male and female differences, pregnancy, fetal development, parent responsibilities, STIs, and making responsible decisions. Girl Talk encourages both mother and daughter to apply the skills learned to develop an open communication system within the family.​

For moms (or other trusted female adults) and girls ages 9-12 years old. This is co-taught by Extension Agent and other health professionals.

On My Own

On My Own is a fun and engaging financial education simulation for junior and senior high youth. Students imagine that they are adults with the responsibility of being the major income provider for a household that may include a spouse and/or children. Using​ a hypothetical occupation and income, participants work through a month of household purchases including housing, utilities, transportation, insurance, food, child care, clothing, entertainment and unexpected expenses.​​​

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